Programs - Gifty Baines

Communications & PR - Louay Ghazir, DPR

Future Leaders & Young Members - Evol Ewan, University of District of Columbia

Small Business - Scott Cocherell, Jacobs

Membership Committee - Barbara Reynolds, Parsons

Spring Dinner - Teddy Gebremichael

Golf - David Husson

Holiday Network - Angela Borbon

Program Management - Joel Timmins, Markon

Ethics/Election - Quentin Washington

Project Awards - Phillip Artin, AECOM

CCM/CMIT & Scholarship - Evol Ewan

Owners Committee - Miguel Nogueras, DC DGS

Education & Training

 CMAA provides construction managers with the industry's leading source of professional education and training. We offer a variety of traditional and digital programs dedicated to improving the overall competency and performance of industry professionals and rising CMs. 

Professional Development